The Top 7 Free WordPress Social Media Plugins of 2019 To Add On Your Website


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When building an online network for the website, neglecting social media would be a grave mistake on our part. With millions of customers on these online platforms, projecting a brand’s presence gets easier when it has a social media presence to support.

Apart from undergoing the organic methods of traffic building through SEO in WordPress websites, having a social media presence can boost a brand’s visibility to 100 times.

Though the building of a social media page and regular posting are the pivotal ways for engagement, you can muster a lot more of an audience through the means of WordPress plug-ins and themes.

Given here is a list of free WordPress Social Media plugins that will help you in building a collective community around your website.

1- Social Warfare

It is a popular WordPress social media plugin which has both free and premium versions. It can easily handle the basics of WordPress share buttons and comprises of some of the outstanding features.

Social Warfare works well with Pinterest images. It displays a special image when the article is shared on Pinterest. Thus, the ‘Pinterest-friendly’ image gets loaded without affecting the regular sized ones.

Social Warfare can also help recover the social share counts of Pinterest and LinkedIn after a changed permalink structure, addition of SSL or domain switch.

Another advantage of this WordPress plugin is that it can customize the Tweets that gets shared as per individual posts.

2- MashShare

Another of the free WordPress Social Media plugins, MashShare is a highly customizable setting for social sharing. It supports Facebook, Twitter and Subscribe. By default, it will also show the total share counter along with the social media buttons.

The user can easily customize the MashShare within the six main sections that include: General, Networks, Visual, Position, Short URLs and Debug.

3- WP Social Sharing

This plugin provides attractive share buttons of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Xing, Google+, Pinterest to be added on WordPress post or page. This is a lightweight plugin in comparison to others. It is very responsive and the user can customize the share text.

4- Easy Social Sharing

This social media plugin adds the social share buttons, the follower count, subscribe mail list along with a live chat option on a social platform. This makes it one of the powerful social sharing plugin available till now.

Why is it considered one of the best?

  • It offers a lot of functional flexibility.
  • It gives expansive social media exposure on more than 50 major social networks.
  • There are numerous templates for social sharing, automatic design positions and beautiful animations.

5- Shareaholic

Not only a social media plugin, but Shareaholic is also a comprehensive marketing tool provider for every business. It also is a great traffic builder with its social share buttons.

It provides:

  • In-Page Share Buttons
  • Image Share Buttons
  • Floated share buttons

So, what’s so special in this plugin?

  • It offers access to sharing on 100+ social media sites and apps.
  • There are customization options for Google Fonts, Themes and foreign languages.
  • The social sharing through the buttons gets automatically analysed in the Google Analytics.
  • It also provides best in class share counts.

6- Social Pug

Another of the social sharing plugins that let us customize the sharing buttons while getting integrated with the website easily. The free version of this plugin offers five of the biggest social media platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Its highlighted feature includes:

  • Before and After Content Buttons
  • Social share counts & Total share counts
  • Retina Ready Sharp Share Icons
  • Editable Buttons

7- Kiwi

This has been identified as one of the easy-to-use free WordPress social media plugins with lucrative options for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and Flint. This is a lightweight plugin that is designed in a modern “shift-style”.

Apart from giving before and after content option, it also provides targeting options to control the post type the share button will show.

Parting Thoughts

Though there are various social media plugins available in this digital market, choose the one that suits your requirement. If you are looking for some great looks, then choose MashShare. Social Warfare is considered to be the best plugin for a blogger. If a lightweight plugin is what you are looking for, then Social Pug would be the best choice.

Now create your website, stick on these social media plugins and share your content.

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