List of Best Websites to Get Freelance Graphic Design Jobs Fast


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Looking for freelance jobs from home? Want to improve your professional skills and explore new opportunities in graphic designing?

Then this article might be of immense help to you.

As this technological expanse keeps on improving and several digital marketing strategies, trends and application developments keep on taking place, there is endless scope for a professional to work upon the freelance resources and give a boost to his skills.

Here is a list of the platforms where you can be a member of the freelancer community and start working.

1- 99 Designs

Started in 2008, this is the most sought-after platform to get a freelance graphic designing job. The style of working on this platform has two different ways. The employer can work directly with the designer which will be suggested by the platform to him as per his skillset requirement. Secondly, the employer can organize a contest for the graphic designers and pick the design that suits him most. A beginner might feel a bit competitive since this is a very popular platform among designers but it’s still a great way to begin a solid portfolio.

2- Upwork

This is undoubtedly a well-known platform to get a freelance job in graphic design. . This is more of a bidding site and the one who is comfortable with this process can work it out on Upwork. Having an international presence, they have millions of freelancers and a big client list which makes it very easier for a freelancer to liase with a client who is asking for his kind of skills.

3- ServiceScape

ServiceScape is another perfect platform for graphic designers who are looking for freelance jobs. ServiceScape basically serves four major domains i.e. Editors, Translators, Graphic Designers and Writers, therefore it has a number of projects where you can try your hand and gain experience in the process.

4- Behance

This Adobe-owned platform isn’t a freelance platform but it is the site where designers can upload their beautiful work and get acclaimed as they get popped up through the right keywords on search engines. It is basically a site for self-promotion through an online portfolio. This is a must for every designer whether you are beginner or expert. It will open the door for a lot many opportunities for freelancing when your work will get recognized eventually.

5- Freelancer

This is also a vast platform to look for if you want to get freelance graphic design job very fast. It claims of having millions of small businesses as their client, thus if you want to have a shot with your beginner’s skill or want to add more lucrative designs to your portfolio, then Freelancer is another platform to look for.

6- AwesomeWeb

Though a newbie in this freelance marketplace, AwesomeWeb offers the best freelance opportunity for web designer and developers. Skillsets such as logo design, blog design, banner ad, book cover are some of the popular jobs you would find when you will join the freelancer community. Having a high profile clientele, AwesomeWeb maintains a quality control to bring only the best of designs at front.

7- LinkedIn Profinder

This one is said to be the lead generation tool to help clients contact the freelancers and work along with them. It has extensive designing job list, which means a vast platform for professionals to look for in their freelancing jobs here. Launched in 2015, this platform was just confined to San Francisco in its initial phase but is soon starting to spread various other cities. The platform promises for talented professionals to all the clients.

8- PeoplePerHour

This UK-based online platform offers a great community to the freelancers. This international platform offers easy registration for professionals who want to try their hand at freelancing. Explore a large number of opportunities over various graphic design jobs at PeoplePerHour.

9- DesignCrowd

This “custom-design marketplace” has a lot of design ventures for freelancers to indulge in such as logo design, business card design, flyer design, web design and so on. Designers get the chance to submit their ideas and the one that gets selected could work together with the client and make the changes as per his requirement. This is also a good platform to gain experience while being close to a designer crowd.


Freelancers these days have a huge marketplace to explore. With so many great platforms to work with, you can carry out your skills, work for various clients, gain more experience on the way and earn simultaneously. Check out the above sites and be a part of a freelancer community.

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